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Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece of 2020

best anti snoring mouthpiece

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Around half of us snore at some point in our lives, and it can wreak havoc on our loved ones’ sleep cycles. (1) An anti-snoring mouthpiece is one of the best ways to breathe freely at night, without waking your household, while staying asleep throughout the entire night.

We’ve rounded up our top 7 most highly reviewed best anti-snoring mouthpieces you can buy this year because you, your partner, and your family all deserve 8+hours of peaceful, rejuvenating, and essential sleep every night.

Now, let’s help out your family’s eye bags and start with our quick comparison table.

Top 7 Picks At a Glance (For Those In A Rush!)

1. VitalSleep (Editor’s Choice): An FDA-cleared, incredibly comfortable mouthpiece with a 60-night money-back guarantee – this VitalSleep mouthpiece earns our #1 rating!

2. Good Morning Snore Solution – Multi Pack: A two-pack of the easy-to-use Good Morning Snore mouthpiece that offers great value for your money — our best value mouthpiece pick.

3. Rezeal Anti-Snoring Tongue Device: This one-size-fits-all mouthpiece is affordable, yet highly effective for chronic back snorers – our top cheap (but good!) model.

4. Good Morning Snore Solution – Mouthpiece: Easy to insert and with a one-size-fits-all design, this mouthpiece offers clinically proven results and earns our most user-friendly design award.

5. Reejoys Anti Snoring Mouthpiece: This customizable mouthpiece is BPA- and latex-free, with a design that treats snoring and other issues — our most versatile anti-snoring device.

6. PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece: A thin design makes this adjustable and affordable mouthpiece easy to wear throughout the night, and our top lightweight mouthpiece of the year.

7. ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece: This thin, sleek mouthpiece fits your mouth in just a single step and comes with a 60-night money-back guarantee — one of our easiest mouthpieces to use this year.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

stop snoring mouthpiece reviews

1. VitalSleep – Editor’s Choice


The VitalSleep mouthpiece is a MAD that allows for customization, giving you a comfortable fit every time. It’s FDA cleared and comes doctor-recommended for patients who suffer from chronic snoring.

This mouthpiece features a boil-and-bite design that allows you to shape it to match the inside of your mouth. First, heat your VitalSleep in hot water for 60 seconds. Once it’s soft enough, bite into the thermoplastic to form an impression of your gums and teeth.

The self-molding mouthpiece is fully adjustable using a patented Accu-adjust system that allows you to fit the device to your jaw size. You can move the jaw section in 1mm increments, changing the positioning up to 8mm depending on your needs. The mouthpiece includes a small Allen wrench to help you make adjustments.

You can choose between two different sizes with VitalSleep. There’s a model designed for the average man and one that’s about ten percent smaller to fit the average woman. All materials are hypoallergenic and don’t contain potentially carcinogenic BPA plastic.

The VitalSleep is not only effective but also more affordable than similar products. Both the men’s and women’s VitalSleep designs cost under $100. You can also save by buying two pieces at once.

Delivery through the VitalSleep website is free, and as long as you order before 4 pm EST, it will get sent out the same day. Most orders arrive within two to four business days within the U.S. and five to seven business days for other countries.

All VitalSleep mouthpieces come with a one-year warranty along with a 60-night money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back for a full refund by following their terms. You can also order a replacement through the company if your device is defective.


  • Customizable and adjustable design
  • Uses safe, hypoallergenic materials
  • Two affordable size options
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee


  • It’s premium fit, style, and design command a premium-level price (but it’s well worth it!)

2. Good Morning Snore Solution – Multi Pack

The Good Morning Snore Solution is one of the few mouthguards to be clinically proven to prevent snoring. In a double-blinded, placebo-controlled setting, researchers showed that this mouthpiece gives snorers a more restful night’s sleep.

This mouthpiece is approved by the FDA, Health Canada, EEA, and ARTG to treat issues such as snoring and poor sleep quality. It has a safe and simple design that’s easy to insert, and its universal sizing fits most people.

This makes this type of mouthpiece incredibly easy to use in just a single step. Simply insert your tongue into the end bulb, squeeze it to remove the air, and relax. The material is pliable enough that you don’t have to run it under hot water to fit.

The design of this anti-snoring device is simple, with two soft flaps to hold the main bulb and the tongue firmly in place. Its shape also makes it easy to clean so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted germs and dirt getting into your mouth.

When you buy this multipack, it’s a better value than buying single mouthguards.


  • Save money over the single pack
  • Lab-tested and clinically proven to work
  • Simple, comfortable, and easy-to-clean design
  • Easy to use


  • You may not want to purchase two guards at once

3. Good Morning Snore Solution – Mouthpiece

This clinically proven mouthpiece is one of the most popular anti-snoring mouthguards available on the market. This is partly due to its TSD design, which eliminates much of the bulk you see in a standard MAD.

This Snore Solution Mouthpiece is designed for ease of use. It’s fairly simple, yet it can have a significant impact on sleep quality. Simply insert your tongue into the end bulb and use the two soft, plastic flaps on either side to secure it.

This Snore Solution Mouthpiece model only comes in one size, but it’s designed to fit most people.
The single pack Good Morning Snore mouthpiece is a little bit pricier than many similar TSD alternatives, but it’s well worth the extra cost. If you buy the double pack, you can save a bit of money on your order. However, it’s a good idea to try a single device first before stocking up on multiple snoring devices.


  • Tested and clinically proven design
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Simple yet effective
  • One size fits most


  • Doesn’t come with as many bonus items as our other mouthguard picks

4. Reejoys Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece is an another popular, affordable, and effective solution for those looking to give their partner a full night of peaceful sleep. It also helps treat a whole host of other common sleep issues, including teeth grinding and jaw clenching. It can also relieve jaw and neck pain, reduce headaches, and ease muscle tension by keeping the face relaxed.

The MAD features a boil-and-bite design that allows you to fit it to your specific mouth. First, boil some water, then allow it to come to a rest before dropping the mouthpiece into the pot. Let the plastic boil for a minute, then remove and allow to cool for about ten seconds.

Once the device is warm and malleable, you can insert it into your mouth and bite down. Make sure that the center and molar sections are properly aligned with your teeth. If you make a mistake, you can always boil the mouthpiece again and try a second time.

The device is customizable but limited in how much you can adjust it. The mouthpiece is suitable for most adults and children, but some people find the design too bulky for comfort throughout the night.

This mouthguard is FDA approved so that you can rest easy knowing it’s safe to use. The device is made of high-quality silicone and is free of BPA and latex, so it’s safe to use even for those with allergies and other sensitivities.

The Reejoys Anti-Snoring mouthpiece comes with a free antibacterial case. This makes it easy to transport when you travel while ensuring that your mouthguard stays clean and free of dust, dirt, and more. When you do have to clean your mouthpiece, the clear plastic makes it easy to see what areas you need to target.


  • Helps to treat a variety of nighttime issues for better sleep quality (like teeth grinding, and jaw clenching)
  • Convenient boil-and-bite design
  • Free of BPA and latex
  • Comes with an antibacterial storage case


  • The mouthpiece doesn’t offer as much customization as our other top models

5. PureSleep Mouthpiece

PureSleep is one of the first devices of its kind, with over a million sold in the past twenty years. It’s made by dentists and physicians to bring you a mouthguard that’s both safe and effective to use. The mouthpiece features a MAD design that repositions your jaw for easy breathing.

This mouthpiece is made to be comfortable, with a thin, lightweight design. It cuts back on size thanks to a patented design that includes two different types of plastic. On the outside is a hard plastic shell, while the inside is made of softer thermoplastic.

The entire unit is clear, making it easier to clean areas that you might otherwise miss. However, because of the small size of the device, it can be challenging to get in and clean smaller nooks and crannies.

Unlike other thinner mouthpiece options, the PureSleep doesn’t sacrifice adjustability. You can choose between three alignment settings depending on if you have a standard bite, an overbite, or an underbite.

It can be a bit of a challenge to fit the device to your mouth properly. Fortunately, if you make a mistake, it’s easy to get a replacement unit. You can also turn to a detailed instruction booklet for additional help.

The PureSleep mouthpiece is FDA cleared and available without a prescription. It’s made in the U.S., and all materials used are BPA-free. The mouthguard is affordable, and shipping is free on most US deliveries.

If you want to return your device for any reason, you can do it within a 30-day window after purchase. Every order comes with a postage-paid return and shipping label so you can get your refund without any hassle.


  • Adjustable and moldable with a boil-and-bite design
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Three adjustable settings for comfort
  • Affordable and includes free shipping and returns


  • The high-tech design may take more elbow grease to clean than some other MAD models we reviewed

6. ZQuiet Mouthpiece

This anti-snoring MAD mouthpiece is designed to be easy to use in just a single step. Unlike many competing brands, you don’t have to make any manual adjustments. You can simply slip the right size guard in your mouth and relax.

The ZQuiet design is dentist-designed to adjust mouth position without putting too much pressure on your teeth. It’s FDA cleared and made in the U.S. using materials free of latex or BPA plastics.

Unlike traditional boil-and-bite mouthpieces, you don’t have to place this one in hot water to customize it. Simply place the device in your mouth, bite down, and allow it to automatically adjust to your mouth shape. Doing this not only makes the fitting process effortless but also protects you from any chance of burns.

The ZQuiet is also thinner and less bulky than many other similar options, making it more comfortable for people with sensitive jaws. A slim profile also lets air pass through more easily to prevent vibrations and snoring.

While ZQuiet isn’t adjustable, each purchase comes with two different size options to make the mouthpiece a versatile choice. One size advances the jaw by just 2mm, while the other brings it forward by 6mm. You can stick to using just one, or alternate between the two depending on your nightly needs.

Each purchase includes a free storage container where you can keep your ZQuiet during the day. You don’t have to worry about your mouthpiece getting dirty or picking up germs that could potentially make you sick.

Keep in mind though, it’s slightly less durable than other options. The manufacturer recommends that you replace your mouthpiece at least once every six months.

If you place your order with ZQuiet before 11 am EST, it will ship to you that same day. Delivery general takes five to seven business days, though you can pay extra for expedited two to four-day shipping.

The ZQuiet mouthpiece comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you try it out and don’t like it, you can return it risk-free. Just keep in mind that there’s no refunds for shipping and processing fees.


  • Fits your mouth in a single step
  • Comes with two size options and a free case
  • Thin design for optimal comfort
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The comfortable, lightweight design can wear more quickly than the heavy-duty models we’ve looked at

7. Reazeal Anti Snoring Tongue Device

This TSD aims to eliminate snoring as well as jaw clenching and tooth grinding. It pulls your tongue to the forefront of your mouth, opening up airways and separating the teeth.

The tongue-stabilizing design is comfortable for most sleepers, but it’s particularly ideal for snorers who sleep on their backs. By using gentle suction, the device prevents the tongue from falling into the back of the throat and causing snoring.

The Reazeal is made of safe, hypoallergenic silicone and textured for comfort. One size is designed to fit all in just a few simple steps. However, you can still customize the guard to fit your unique mouth shape.

First, you can soften the silicon by running it under hot water. Fit the bulb over the tip of the tongue, squeezing out excess air for maximum suction. Flaps around the mouthpiece hold it in place so it doesn’t move or cause gagging in the night, though it can be easy to spit out.

Unlike many MAD devices, Reazeal is safe to use with dentures or new implants. It doesn’t rely on moving the jaw, so it’s safe for most people with dental problems. It also doesn’t put excessive stress on the jaw or teeth, helping to relieve muscle tension in the area.

This mouthguard comes with a protective carry case so you can keep it clean when not in use. The case is designed to allow the device to dry safely without getting dirty or dusty. When necessary, the mouthpiece is easy to clean using warm water.


  • Prevents snoring, teeth clenching, grinding, and jaw pain
  • Affordable and effective
  • Ideal for back sleepers and those with dental concerns
  • Made of comfortable and hypoallergenic silicone


  • This mouthguard is a bit on the large side
  • Though affordable, the price point can’t beat other mouthpieces we’ve reviewed

Buyers’ Guide

When your tongue and air passages relax too much during sleep, air rattles the tissues as it passes through. This produces the loud, irritating sound that we know as snoring. It not only impacts those trying to rest around us but can also detract from the quality of our own sleep.

Unfortunately, there’s no 100% bulletproof cure for snoring. However, there are ways to keep your air passages open at night, and this can significantly help to muddle or remove the noise.

One of the most effective ways to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality is by using an anti-snoring mouthpiece. Otherwise, you might have to look for creative ways how to block out snoring noise, and you probably don’t want that, right?

So, let’s take a closer look at our top tips to help you buy the top anti-snoring mouthpiece for you, starting with knowing the different types that are available.

Different Types of Anti-Snore Mouthpieces

There are a wide variety of anti-snore mouthpieces to choose from that differ in areas such as cost, customization, and style. However, all mouthguards fall into two main categories depending on how they work. It’s always best to consult with your doctor to figure out the best anti-snoring devices for you.

Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSDs)

As the name suggests, TDSs target the position of the tongue to reduce snoring. They grip and lift from the outside, pulling the tongue forward to create more space in the back of your throat. TSDs are ideal for back-sleepers, as they keep the tongue from falling back against the throat.

In general, TSDs are safe and comfortable for most people. They don’t strain the jaw, and they don’t affect the position of the teeth. However, for some people, this style of mouthpiece can cause discomfort and increase salivation.

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

Instead of focusing on the tongue, MADs push the lower jaw forward to keep your airway open. Doing this puts some distance between mouth tissues to prevent the vibrations that cause snoring. The mouthguard fits inside the mouth to keep the jaw in position.

Some people find MADs to be more comfortable than TSDs due to their more organic fit. However, they’re not always the best choice for those with dental issues. (2) Because they press on the teeth, they can cause discomfort and even shifting.

“The Secret” To Stop Mouth-Snoring

Many of us who snore do so through our mouths. Also known as “palatal snoring,” mouth snoring occurs when air passes through a relaxed throat instead of through your nasal passages.

When we sleep, the muscles and tissues around the airways relax. This isn’t usually a problem for those who can breathe freely through their nose. Air is designed to pass over the soft palate without causing any vibrations or disturbances.

However, we’re sometimes forced to breathe through our mouths as we sleep. This can be due to nasal blockage, facial orientation, or even just your natural body morphology. There are plenty of reasons you might be breathing through your mouth, and all can cause the same problem: snoring.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re a mouth snorer, you can perform a simple test to find out. Simply open your mouth and make a deliberate snoring noise by vibrating the air in your throat. Then, close your mouth and try to make the same noise. If you can only snore with your mouth open, then you’re a mouth snorer.

Open-mouth snoring is a fairly common issue, especially amongst those who sleep on their back. (3) Changing your sleeping position is one of the simplest ways to eliminate mouth snoring when it becomes an issue.

It’s easiest to breathe properly when sleeping on your side. However, some of us tend to roll onto our backs without realizing it throughout the night. You can keep yourself on your side by investing in a good body pillow to help keep you from rolling. You can also find specialized wedge pillows designed to force you onto your side.

A healthy lifestyle is also key to preventing mouth snoring. If you’re overweight, it can put more pressure on your throat and cause it to collapse when relaxed. Eating healthy and losing weight can both play a significant role in reducing snoring. (4)

You should also make sure to hydrate if you want to sleep comfortably. Without enough water, your nose and throat will increase mucus production, making snoring more likely. You should aim to drink around eight glasses of water a day, or about two liters. (5)

Lifestyle changes aren’t always enough to stop mouth-snoring, however. Sometimes, you need a little bit of assistance keeping your airways open as you sleep.

If you’re having trouble with mouth snoring, a TSD can encourage breathing through the nose. Similarly, a MAD can ensure that your palate is positioned so that it won’t cause the vibrations that lead to snoring.

“The Secret” To Stop Nose-Snoring

Unlike mouth-snoring, nose-snoring can take place even if you keep your lips sealed as you sleep. While it doesn’t take place in your nose, per se, nose-snoring occurs when airflow is interrupted around the back of your throat. This forces you to breathe through your nose as you sleep.

For many people, breathing through the nose during sleep is perfectly natural and won’t result in snoring or other disturbances. However, those who have difficulty breathing through their nose during waking hours will often suffer from nasal snoring at night.

Often, nose snoring is temporary. It’s the result of stuffy nasal passages, either from a cold or from seasonal allergies. (6) Over-the-counter antihistamines or decongestants will often help to clear up the problem quickly and effectively.

If you know that your congestion is due to allergies, it may be a good idea to give your living space a thorough cleaning. Dust and vacuum to get rid of common allergens such as dust and pet dander. Don’t forget to clean all of your linens as well to get rid of any dust mites that might be hiding around.

Other times, nasal breathing results from a mechanical issue. Some people have small nostrils or even nostrils that collapse in on themselves when inhaling. (7) Some also have problems such as polyps or an abnormal septum.

A nasal dilator can make it easier for nose breathers to inhale and exhale without trouble. They’re not forced to breathe through their mouth as they sleep. However, these only work for nose breathers with issues such as nostril size.

Anti-snore mouthguards can help to combat nasal snoring as well as mouth-snoring by keeping passageways open. Even when you can’t breathe properly through your nose, you won’t have to worry about your throat constricting and causing nasal snoring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many people have questions about the safety and efficacy of the best anti-snoring devices before investing in one. Here, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions people have about how mouthpieces can help with chronic snoring.

Do mouthpieces really work to stop snoring?

Mouthpieces work to stop snoring on a mechanical level. We snore because our tongue and tissues relax as we sleep to block out airways. When we breathe, the vibrations around our throat are magnified into snoring.

A mouthpiece will help to keep your airways open, either by bringing the jaw forward or by gripping the tongue. Doing this creates a free passageway at the back of your airway to reduce resistance.

Though mouthpieces might not work for everyone, they’ll at least offer an improvement for most chronic snorers. You and your partner both can enjoy a deeper, more peaceful sleep without any unwanted interruptions.

What works best to stop snoring?

While there’s no cure for snoring, there are plenty of small lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk. First and foremost, a healthy weight can keep pressure off your airways and keep you from snoring.

Getting plenty of sleep is also important. Try to avoid alcohol before bedtime, as this can disrupt sleep quality and cause shallow breathing. (8) If possible, you should also take steps to avoid sleeping on your back, as this can further obstruct your airways.

For immediate relief, a mouthpiece is often the way to go. Using an anti-snoring mouthguard can help reduce or eliminate snoring immediately, giving both you and your loved ones a better night’s sleep.

Do mouthpieces help sleep apnea?

If you’re a chronic snorer, it could be an indication of a more serious underlying condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. (9) Sleep apnea occurs when you repeatedly stop breathing for brief periods throughout the night due, though you may not remember it the next day. In OSA, this is due to obstruction from relaxed throat muscles and tissues.

While mouthpieces can help treat snoring, when the root cause is sleep apnea, they won’t do much good. Instead, it’s best to use a CPAP mask to treat sleep apnea. It delivers a continuous flow of air to allow you to breathe evenly through the night without waking.

Conclusion: Should You Buy A Mouth Guard For Snoring?

The sound of snoring can be enough to keep anyone up at night, but choosing the perfect mouthguard can definitely help. Try out one of these top-rated styles on this page today because a snore aid mouthpiece offers immediate relief when you find the right one.

Now that you’ve seen our top 7 best snoring mouthpiece options of 2020 reviewed by sleep experts here at Sleep.FM, you’re all set to choose the best one for you. If you’re still unsure which mouthpiece is best for you, try out our #1 rated pick for yourself, the VitalSleep. It’s affordable, effective, and has a customizable design to offer you the perfect fit every time. You won’t regret it.



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