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Howdy, my sleepy friends! My name is James Moss and I’m the owner and chief editor for Sleep.FM.

Before I get into why I created Sleep.FM, know this.

Here at Sleep.FM, we work harder to find you the top sleep hacks and gear to improve your sleep.

We believe that there’s no limit to the amount of quality you can add to your sleep.

Did you know that we’re supposed to average at least 8 hours of sleep per day, each day?

Like many people, you probably knew this, but do you follow this golden protocol?

It’s easier said than done, but there’s a pot of gold for each of us if we succeed every night.

Don’t believe me? Google “albert einstein sleep” and see what comes up.

Have you done it yet? Here’s your chance to check, but to make life easier for you – it’s this.

Albert Einstein was famous for his paradigm-shifting theories on the universe AND for being rumored to sleep 10 hours per day.

Say what?

Yes, yes, indeed.

So, if one of the best thinkers of our time guarded his sleep like you would a newborn child, I think it’s worth all of our time to look into it seriously.

Do you?

That’s why I created Sleep.FM.

To provide sleep tips for the sleepless, like I was.

Before starting Sleep.FM, I stayed up late and woke up late. I went to bed at different times every night and wondered why I woke up tired every day.

I was overweight from over-eating, especially before bed. I hated my soul-crushing 9-5, but I knew I wanted better.

That’s when a wonderful friend of mine recommended me the book that changed my life, “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker.

It was an absolute game-changer, and it completely shifted the way I thought about sleep, forever.

Amazingly, believe it or not, your sleep quality rolls into all aspects of your life.

Your relationships, work, health, fitness, and mental stability are just a few major ones, not to mention the countless others.

That’s why, at Sleep.FM, I’m living proof that getting proper sleep can be life-changing, as long as you have the right information.

Take a look around our top products and blog to join us today at Sleep.FM, and get better sleep tomorrow!

Or, email me below with any questions. Thanks!