By Ryan Spahn May 28, 2010

Sleep.FM is The Social Alarm Clock

Recently it has come to our attention a competitor is using our registered mark "The Social Alarm Clock," to market their iPhone app. The competitor on their site uses the following, similar and confusing marketing speak, "The World's First Social Video Alarm Clock," which has led the blog & twitterosphere to echo and report inaccurate information. For example, inaccurately reported "Competitor X: The World's First Social Alarm Clock," as the title of their post for this competing product. has since re-worded the title of the article, but has refused to change the title of the URL (/wake-up-world-the-worlds-first-social-alarm-clock.html). Unfortunately their article remains inaccurate on their site and the link being distributed throughout the web!

We are all for competition! But, we will not stand for competitors using our mark in confusing and misleading ways to induce the web echo chamber to report inaccurate and infactual information that hurts our brand and service!

Ryan Spahn

"Don't wait to hear Happy Birthday, wake up to it!" - Sleep.FM

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