By Ryan Spahn Dec. 31, 2012

iPhone Online Alarm Clock Launches

Update: Feb. 14, 2013
APP IS DOWN temporarily! Apple released an update to iOS (6.1) at the end of January. In this update they changed/removed things we were using to make the alarm work. Thankfully the team pulled together and along with the help/inspiration of developer @briancavalier a re-release of our mobile web alarm clock is forthcoming. It's an awesome nightstand mobile web alarm clock for iPhone Safari (iOS 6 & 6.1)!


We want to say thank you to all our users, as you have inspired us to think in 2012 is it possible to create an online alarm clock that works in mobile web browsers?

After two months of R&D the answer is YES and we are crazy excited to be launching the first online alarm clock that works in the iPhone's web browser (Safari). No need to download an app, just go to on your iPhone and enjoy!

Please note we are limiting our initial beta release of this new product to Apple devices running iOS6, but a wider release with additional features is forth coming, as well we hope to be able to support Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and others!

Again to enjoy on your iPhone, just type or go to in your Safari web browser.

Thanks for using and have a Happy New Year! Team

"Don't wait to hear Happy Birthday, wake up to it!" - Sleep.FM

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