Sleep.FM - The Social Alarm Clock is a Internet alarm clock service/social network that connects you to friends & important information! Wake up to weather, status of airline flight and or invite friends to choose your alarm sound on your birthday (birthday alarm), valentines day or any day you want friends to wake you up to something fun/nice!

If you still are thinking, "WHAT, friends choose my alarm sound?" then think of waking up to The Social Alarm Clock to similarly waking up to your favorite FM radio station. The only difference is the pleasant sounds that wake you were chosen by friends to start your day off with a smile, a laugh and or a reminder that you are important to them.

"Don't wait to hear Happy Birthday, wake up to it!" - Sleep.FM

How Does Social Alarm Clock Work?

Where Can It Be Used

Sleep.FM - The Social Alarm Clock is now available for web browsers & soon on the iPhone(app is being updated now). Applications for Android devices and other Internet platforms (TVs, alarm clocks, etc) are in our development pipeline.